Hi, I am Katy Gitto and I want to take your picture.

Despite my introverted personality, I love meeting new people and capturing a side of them that tells a story! I am an award-winning photographer, and I've been blessed beyond belief to have this "job" for 14 years now. I took photography courses in college (I even know how to develop film in a dark room!) but I am proud to say I am mostly self-taught. I strive to make you feel at ease during your portrait session so I can capture the true image of you, your family, your high school senior, or your kiddos.

I don't like to manufacture moments...I prefer to be "behind the scenes". I believe that is when people can let their guard down and show their true colors. Life isn't a series of planned moments, and it is my hope that my photography style will capture every little thing that is precious to you.

I love to capture moments. Let me capture yours.

Photo courtesy of my sweet friend Jen Miller Photography


Katie, Ray-Pec High School

My session with Katy was phenomenal! She helped me pick the perfection location, and she knew all of the great places to use! She took so many amazing pictures. She made the whole session very fun and enjoyable. All the laughs and smiles I see in my photos are 100% genuine. I was very pleased with my photos. They were all very personalized to who I am!